1. super villains for life until our souls vanish. #drdoom #hobgoblin #marvel

  2. if you’re scared of a bunch’a water then get out the rain. #art #drawing #illustration #AHH

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    showcasing my personal favorite tbh II preorder

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    Star Wars x Vans Sk8-Hi Reissue ‘Yoda Aloha’ (by Austin Hartman‎)


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    New work by @dalek2013.

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    she was so beautiful

    :( ugh

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  9. Can I give it to him? You wanna give him ice cream? Yeah. I wanna do something with him that’s his first time. I wanna look in his face when he tries ice cream. Every time he has ice cream for the rest of his life, he’s gonna see my fucking face.

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  10. mike giant

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    Robocop Pixel Art

    Created by Bryan Chen

  12. alysha

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