1. not bad for a monday morning🌞. #art #drawing #illustration #AHH #JR #sunrise


  2. i don’t need nobody but i could love somebody, don’t you ever get it fucked up.

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    Hi guys, i don’t post a lot about Jun lately, but i got pretty good news about Trauma Soldier. And i got a lot of work to end my next book, it will be some pretty busy weeks soon.
    So a little something today, i have to do some fake ad for my comics book, and it’s very fun !

  5. kolbisneat:

    Tomorrow (Saturday the 27th) marks the opening of the 30 Year Anniversary Tribute to Naughty Dog at Gallery Nucleus!

    There’s going to be so much rad stuff there and I’m super lucky to have snuck these four pieces in!

    So I like to think of these as a part of a bigger collection: my collected curiosities (stuff you’d find at a curiosity shop or in the back alley of a shady part of town). There’s something beautiful yet slightly sinister about taxidermy and eyes in jars.

    Anyway, these skulls were inspired by Naughty Dog’s game, The Last of Us, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m way too much of a coward to play something like this. The research images alone haunted me for days!

    So prints will be available through the gallery shop and I’ll update when they’re live and I have the exact details.

    Happy Friday!

    The set is now available here!

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    New mural by @bruskdmv in Lyon, France.

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    〰 keith 〰

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    Me dancing.

    i’m dead

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    Process for ‘A Ghost To Avenge’ based on that scene in Twin Peaks when you see Bob for the first time